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Should I Just Pay My Speeding Ticket?

No! No! No! You should never "just pay" your speeding ticket.

The ease of mailing in payment for a speeding ticket (the fee is usually printed conveniently on the ticket) may seem attractive when compared with the trouble of finding an attorney to hire. However, taking what appears to be the easy way out could be a big mistake. Paying your ticket outright is an admission of guilt. Longterm results of such an admission could include increased insurance premiums or additional DMV points.

Even a one or two point increase in insurance points can make a huge difference on the cost of your car insurance premiums. In many cases, an attorney can negotiate a plea for a lesser traffic violation or even a non-moving violation (like improper equipment).

A speeding ticket may seem like a small matter, but the consequences of a ticket handled improperly can be serious. Most law firms (including Roller Law) handle traffic matters even if it is not in their normal area of practice. Play it safe and always check with your attorney first.

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